Glum Blockheads feel the pinch

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Very tight budgets and a huge week ahead meant there were a lot of glum faces on Monday night’s episode of The Block Fans v Faves.


This week on the Nine Network renovation reality series, the four teams are working on their hallways and main bedrooms, which is each set to include an ensuite and walk-in robe, on the second level of their apartments.

And the first day on the job didn’t start out easy for the four teams.

Exhausted from finishing their dining and living rooms last week, it was a mental challenge to just get out of bed.

“Fan” Kara, who is on the show with husband Kyal, said the thought of the week ahead “makes me sick”, while “Favourite” Dale called it an “absolute nightmare”.

Even the show’s foreman, Keith, admitted there was a lot to done.

“It’s going to be absolute chaos,” he said.

Taking a good, long look at their budgets, the teams realised how little was left in their pockets.

“We’ve got $360 left on our Mitre 10 account,” “Favourite” Lysandra, who is on the show with twin sister Alisa, said.

Even Kyal and Kara, who have won the most cash for winning five challenges and two room reveals (their main bathroom and second bedroom), were feeling the pinch.

“We have $200 left in our Mitre 10 account,” Kyal said. “It’s tight.”

The married couple have spent most of their prizemoney on their timber features in their rooms, as well as objects for their main bathroom, which included an extravagant stone bathtub and scored a perfect score of 30 from the judges.

“Fans” Steve and Chantelle, who won $10,000 for the best dining and living rooms last week, weren’t feeling the pinch so much but had other headaches.

The couple went head to head over the positioning of their toilet. Chantelle wanted the toilet in a separate room, whereas Steve thought it would be better to include it with the rest of the ensuite.

They eventually reached an understanding but it wasn’t without a heated argument first.

“That’s really unfair,” Chantelle said over the phone to Steve after she found out he had changed the layout of the ensuite without consulting her.

“I’m really frustrated.”

Steve and Chantelle, however, weren’t the only ones without positioning problems.

Brad and Dale discovered they might have to move their fireplace, which they installed in their living room last week, due to fire safety reasons.

These problems, however, are nothing compared to what the contestants, aka “Blockheads”, will have to face on Tuesday night – host Scott Cam has set up a stand-up comedy challenge for each of them.

And, clearly, some of the Blockheads are more enthusiastic about it than others.

“I’d rather fall into a hole and it suck me up,” Lysandra said.

* The Block Fans v Faves airs on the Nine Network at 7.30pm from Monday to Thursday, and at 6.30pm on Sunday.

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